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Our Two Adopted Schools

You Can Make a Difference. Educate a Child and Help Break the Cycle of Poverty.

We believe that if we are to make a true and lasting difference in the life of school children in poverty, we must first gain a deep and meaningful understanding of the challenges and roadblocks to success that school children living in poverty face. We can do this only if we get to know the children and their families intimately. So, we “adopted” two schools: Hollis Elementary School (200 Goodrich St, Greenville, SC 29611) as our primary school and Legacy Early College Elementary School (900 Woodside Ave, Greenville, SC 29611) as our secondary school.

We work intimately with administrators, staff, teachers, parents and school children at Hollis Elementary. Getting to know the children and the challenges their families face helps us to develop meaningful and sustainable solutions to break the cycle of poverty. We don’t believe in handouts. Instead we focus on the big picture: education, jobs, financial literacy, budgeting, and timely interventions, even as we help them with food, clothing, basic necessities and school supplies.

We focus on six critical areas: basic necessities, classroom supplies for teachers, learning materials that a child can take home, community engagement for children, scholarships for single parents, and financial literacy to help avoid debt and financial crisis.

School Facts


Fountain Inn Elementary School located in Fountain, South Carolina has an estimated 750 students from PK through Grade 5.


Fountain Inn Elementary ranks 339 out of 639 elementary schools in South Carolina. In 2017, it ranked worse than 53.1{d40485495d10b962b3fb484b673b4068cf572dd751647f492ea529cec70e4cb4} of elementary schools in S.C.


More than 60{d40485495d10b962b3fb484b673b4068cf572dd751647f492ea529cec70e4cb4} of the students are on free or reduced lunch programs. Diversity: 53{d40485495d10b962b3fb484b673b4068cf572dd751647f492ea529cec70e4cb4} of students are white, 33{d40485495d10b962b3fb484b673b4068cf572dd751647f492ea529cec70e4cb4} are African-American, and 7{d40485495d10b962b3fb484b673b4068cf572dd751647f492ea529cec70e4cb4} are Hispanic.

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99% of your donations go to help children and families.


We focus on sustainable long-term solutions.


We are data-driven. We back our decisions with data.


We are results-driven. Every dollar must deliver results.

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