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We are a grass-roots organization that advocates and supports economically disadvantaged children, youth, and their families. We focus on health and wellness, life skills, education and employment assistance, financial literacy and monetary assistance for families in need or crisis.

  • Vision: Eliminate artificial obstacles to personal growth and well-being.
  • Mission: Deliver sustainable solutions for personal growth and well-being.



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Great causes worth giving for

Basic Necessities
Make a difference because you can

Basic Necessities

We want to ensure students and families have food, clothing and basic necessities.

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Single Moms Fellowships
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Single Moms Fellowships

We value education for students and mothers who desire to earn a degree and will provide the necessary resources required to make this a reality.

Goal: $160,000Make A Donation
School Supplies
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School Support

We are in need of ongoing support for school supplies for the students.

Goal: $5,000Make A Donation
Community Engagement
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Community Engagement

Create opportunities that expose students to knowledge, service, and experiences that otherwise may be outside their reach.

Goal: $10,000Make A Donation
Learning At Home
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Learning At Home

Reading is a fundamental cornerstone for our entire campaign.

Goal: $3,000Make A Donation
Financial Literacy
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Financial Literacy

Provide educational opportunities and guidance for parents, guardians, and care-givers to achieve financial literacy and competencies.

Goal: $3,000Make A Donation

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Helping students become successful through our programs is one of the most rewarding feelings one can have. Our volunteers are amazing as we create an atmosphere of community, hard work and shared success. Even if you have 1 hour to give each week, we are very appreciative.

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